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MAC Valves 411A 5/2 Solenoid Valve

The MAC 400 Series is a high flow 16mm 3-way spool valve with a unique 4-way pilot. The short stroke solenoid utilizes an oval armature for maximized shifting forces in a small area. The 4-way pilot means a low minimum operating pressure - no pistons - and minimal resistance to shifting. The balanced design in the pilot means shifting forces are consistently high and response times are repeatable regardless of inlet pressure fluctuations.

Technical Specification
Maximum Flow Rate 1.40 Cv
Maximum Working Pressure 120 psi
Working Temperature -18 - 50
Function 5 Port/2 Position
Actuation Single Solenoid/Spring Return
Advantages Muffled Exhaust
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Product Name Port Size Voltage Electrical Connector Price Quantity
Product Name Port Size Voltage Electrical Connector
411A-D0A-DM-DDAA-1BA 1/4 bsp 24vdc Lead Wire
411A-D0A-DM-DDAJ-1JD 1/4 bsp 24vdc Plug with LED
411A-D0A-DM-DDAJ-1KD 1/4 bsp 24vdc Mini Plug with LED
411A-D0A-DM-DDBA-1BA 1/4 bsp 12vdc Lead Wire
411A-D0A-DM-DDBJ-1JD 1/4 bsp 12vdc Plug with LED
411A-D0A-DM-DDBJ-1KD 1/4 bsp 12vdc Mini Plug with LED