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In-Line and Manifold Valves

Pneumatic Solutions is the premier supplier of air valves and pneumatic valves, providing the very best on the market. Created with price and quality in mind, we are proud to supply some of the top products available today (including a range of MAC valves). From direct and pilot operated valves to remote air and manually operated valves, our diverse range is sure to contain the right product for your systems. With over a decade in the industry and access to some of the top brands, we are proud to assist thousands of companies across the nation, providing them with superior products and exceptional customer service to keep their processes running smoothly.

Solenoid Valves

Pneumatic solenoid valves help with the control of airflow. They can assist in shutting off, releasing, and distributing air throughout the system. They are used in a number of applications, available in various positions, porting options and actuation methods to suit the intended use. Operated by an electrical signal, solenoid valves are used in systems that use fluid power.

Air Piloted Valves

A pilot valve is used to control a limited-flow control feed to a separate piloted valve. They can also be used in conjunction with solenoid valves. Piloted air valves offer a high level of control over an increased flow feed, negating the need for a much larger force.These valves are more powerful than electrical solenoids or actuators. This makes them ideal for remote and miniature applications where you need higher airflow and/or lower power. A pilot valve is typically used in emergency and safety controls.

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