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MPS Selector Switch Valve

Selector Valves allow the actuation of up to six individual circuits from a common input port. Two styles of valves, Standard and Shut-off, are available to accommodate application requirements. The Standard Selector Valve directs flow through each output port as the knob is turned. The Shut-off Selector Valve requires the knob to be pushed-in and turned, blocking flow to the output ports until a position is selected. These 3-way valves exhaust to atmosphere upon selection of a new output port. A spring-loaded "wear compensating seat" retains a tight fit ensuring that the valve will not leak with wear.

  • Common Input Port.

  • Black Anodized for Corrosion Resistance.

  • Two styles of actuation.

  • Panel Mount.

  • Detented Knob.

PDF: 6 Position Selector Switch

Technical Specification
Maximum Flow Rate 125 psi
Function 7 Port/6 Position
Port Size 10-32 unf
All pricing is inclusive of GST
Product Name Port Size Actuation Price Quantity
Product Name Port Size Actuation
MPS-6-100-S 10-32 unf Shut-Off