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From road to rail, at Pneumatic Solutions Australia, we provide a range of automation products and systems to improve your heavy transport processes.

Leaders in the industry have long been taking advantage of the benefits of pneumatic technology.

From improved comfort, reduced transport time, increased safety and durability in extreme environments, we have a solution that will save you time and money. We can provide the following:

  • Suspension control and leveling.
  • Transmission and clutch control.


News Articles

Custom Control Systems: Water Cartage

Pneumatic Solutions Australia can supply and custom design control system assemblies for both new and existing water trucks. Retrofitting water trucks is no longer necessary with Pneumatic Solutions Australia able to provide custom designed sub-assemblies enabling users to pneumatically control the water truck’s various devices including water cannons, dribble bars and spray heads while still behind the wheel. Pneumatic technologies enable water truck controllers to increase the functionality of their equipment, improving efficiencies and operational capabilities.

All control systems are manufactured in house to the highest standards with our quality brand products from MAC Valves, Pneumadyne, Mindman and Legris. Systems can be customised to meet individual customer requirements to include features like LED light indication, water level indicator, spray pulse operation and additional switches for functions like work lights and beacons. In-cab control systems can be manually operated, direct and pilot solenoid operated or a combination of both.