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We offer a range of pneumatic systems tailor made to suit the demanding applications of the glass manufacturing industry. Improve production, gain larger yields, extend the longevity of your equipment, increase accuracy and explore cooling applications for high temperatures.

From product to pallet, we offer a range of solutions to make your plant and its production lines more efficient.

  • Lifting and movement solutions.
  • Intelligent in feed systems.
  • Forming and cooling.
  • Filling and sealing.
  • Palletising and cartoning.


News Articles

Piab Packaging Solutions

Handling of Flexible Packages

Flexible packaging material is the generic term for soft packages made of film, foil or paper sheeting. Popular forms are stand-up pouches, bags, sachets and envelopes. These packages are often formed, filled and sealed in a vertical or horizontal form-fill-seal machine. The package is then finally put into a case by top loading, pick-and-place or similar technology. This final step to automatically handle the filled pouch or bag is done by specific suction cups and a selection of vacuum pumps with high initial vacuum flow.


Palletizing is the process of placing packages on a pallet. Palletizing machines use vacuum pumps, suction cups and other pneumatic components. These machines typically pick up multiple boxes at a time and place them on a stack. Today, because of the high speeds required, robots are often used to accomplish this task. Another vacuum application during this process is the handling of slip sheets or tier sheets that are placed between the layers of packages.

Pneumadyne Solutions for Packaging Equipment

Automatic packaging machinery often relies on pneumatic circuitry to pack and label a variety of products including food, liquids and powders. Over the years, Pneumadyne’s barbed fittings, directional control valves and pneumatic solenoid valves have been used in systems such as:

  • Pick & Place Equipment
  • Labeling Devices
  • Package Coding Devices
  • Liquid Bottling Systems
  • Various Packaging Machines

Pneumadyne manufactures a wide variety of rugged pneumatic components that are suitable for use in packaging equipment.

  • Our directional valves feature numerous porting options, sizes and configurations to accommodate plumbing requirements.
  • Push-to-Connect, Barbed and Threaded fittings are available to easily connect the pneumatic components within your application.
  • Our brass air nozzles are ideal for directing air towards a specific location within any pneumatic application; ideal for the removal of dust and dirt.