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PM Equal Tube to Tube Bulkhead Connector

The PM Equal Tube to Tube Bulkhead Connector is used for in-line connection of polyurethane or nylon air tubing of equal diameters. Sealing between the fitting and the panel is optimised with nickel-plated brass lock-nuts. The quick connect fitting consists of a gasket and a stainless steel grab-ring to grip tubing. The push-in collar is made of polymer while the body is cast from nickel-plated brass. These fittings conform to RoHS and ISO 14743 standards.

Technical Specification
Maximum Working Pressure 150 psi
Working Temperature 0 - 60
Body Nickel-Plated Brass
Collar Polymer
Gripping Ring Stainless Steel
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Product Name Ø Price Quantity
Product Name Ø
PM 04 4mm
PM 06 6mm
PM 08 8mm
PM 10 10mm
PM 12 12mm