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PKG Multiple Unequal Tee Fitting

The PKG Multiple Unequal Tee Fitting is used for in-line distribution of air to 3 connections of polyurethane or nylon air tubing at a 90° angle to the supply line. The quick connect fitting consists of gaskets and stainless steel grab-rings to grip tubing. The push-in collars and the body are made of polymer. The body of the fittings includes holes for panel mounting with screws. These fittings conform to RoHS and ISO 14743 standards.

Technical Specification
Maximum Working Pressure 150 psi
Working Temperature 0 - 60
Body Polymer
Collar Polymer
Gripping Ring Stainless Steel
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Product Name Ø Ø Price Quantity
Product Name Ø Ø
PKG 06-04 6mm 4mm
PKG 08-06 8mm 6mm
PKG 10-08 10mm 8mm