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Connectors & Tubing

  • No pneumatic system is complete without fittings and tubing.  From hose and quick connectors to a range of accessories including clamps and brackets, we offer a range of innovative and industry specific products that will ensure your pneumatic application works well and as required.

Tube & Hose

We offer a wide range of tubing and hose to meet your application's requirements. The types of tubing and hose offered by Legris include: nylon, polyurethane, anti-spark, flouropolymer, polyethylene, self-fastening, and PVC.

Push-In Fittings

Push-in airline fittings allow rapid, reliable assembly of circuits to convey compressed air, various gases, or liquids at a wide range of pressures and temperatures. Rapid connection and disconnection between fittings and tubes can be done by hand, eliminating the need for tools.

Brass Fittings

We stock a comprehensive range of threaded brass fittings and accessories such as silencers, and sealing products.


Silencers help to reduce the ambient noise in a manufacturing environment by controlling the compressed air exhausted from control valves.

Function Fittings

Function fittings allow you to exert even greater control over your pneumatic installation. Compact, reliable and easy to install, these fittings can be used in various applications, including: food and beverage manufacturing, automotive manufacturing, printing and textile industries.

Couplers & Blowguns

Couplers allow reliable and quick connection and disconnection. Our wide range of styles and sizes will allow you to choose the appropriate solution for your application.

Compressed Air Pipe

Why is good compressed air reticulation important? The compressed air reticulation is the ‘other half’ of a successful and efficient compressed air set up, and a poorly designed layout can result in air pressure loss, contamination and excessive energy bills, as the air compressor works on overload to compensate for these inefficiencies.