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Advanced Air Pipe Systems

The compressed air reticulation is the 'other half' of a successful and efficient compressed air set up, and a poorly designed layout can result in air pressure loss, contamination and excessive energy bills, as the air compressor works on overload to compensate for these inefficiencies.

Transair Pipe Systems for Compressed Air


To meet demands for high flow rates on machines and industrial equipment, Transair provides a robust piping solution, for immediate commissioning, which is adaptable to all settings on machines and industrial equipment.

Modular design and flexibility: The Transair range is the simplest and fastest solution on the market for fluid distribution. The modular design eases the different stages of connection: pre-assembly of the machine for testing, dismantling and final installation on site.

Optimized piping: Lightweight, with a choice of colours to allow different fluids to be easily identified, the type of material and the flexibility of Transair pipes allow them to adapt to all requirements.

Aesthetic and clean solution: All Transair components are corrosion-resistant and reusable. Once the fluid has been filtered upstream, its quality is maintained within the distribution system (in accordance with ISO standard 8573-1, class 1.1.1).

Optimal productivity of machines: Threadless Transair connections with unrestricted interior diameters optimize the flow of the distributed fluids. The Transair solution does not require maintenance and production shutdowns are significantly reduced.

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