MAC Boost Control Valves offer modified turbo engines better performance through better response and the ability to reach higher target boost levels in lower gears (1st and 2nd).

Without a boost controller, air pressure is fed from the compressed side of the turbocharger directly to the wastegate actuator via a vacuum hose.  The air pressure pushes against the force of a spring which ultimately determines how much boost pressure the system will achieve.

A significant flaw of this system however, is that the wastegate will start to open well before your desired boost pressure is achieved and this will increase turbocharger lag.

Implementing a boost control system instead, will provide the precision you need to better control boost with the boost valve controlling the pressure signal to the wastegate.  Using this method, you can control how quickly, or slowly the boost comes on.

Improve turbo performance, reduce lag and have more control over your desired boost pressure with the MAC Boost Control Valve now available through Pneumatic Solutions Australia.


Kit Includes

  • 1 x 35A-ACA-DDBA-1BA: 3/2 Solenoid Valve (12vdc with Lead Wire)
  • 2 x 07-P.30402: Brass Airline Male Tail (to suit valve port size 1/8” bsp)
  • 1 x BSL 01: Sintered Brass Threaded Cone Silencer (to suit valve port size 1/8” bsp)

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