Pneumatic Solutions Australia: The Australian distributor for MAC Valves.

MAC Valves are regarded as one of the best pneumatic valve products in the market. Fast response times, high flow, balance and reliability are inherent benefits of MAC’s pneumatic product design with valves proven to optimize cycle time and improve reliability in harsh operating conditions.

The innovative technologies employed by MAC Valves means better product performance and reliability through a number of unique design features:

Balanced design - Unaffected by fluctuations in air pressure.

Wiping action - Virtually unaffected by typically contaminated air.

Minimal friction - Minimises resistance to shifting forces.

High shifting forces - Positive shifting.

MAC Valves are known for offering a superior product that facilitates speed and repeatability.  Their product range includes:

Direct and Pilot Operated Valves

Manually and Mechanically Operated Valves

ISO Valves

An added bonus when using the MAC Valves range is the availability of unique valve connection options, which include MAConnect, Circuit Bar, Field Bus and Serial Interface solutions.

Pneumatic Solutions Australia distributes a range of valves, fittings and pneumatic technologies that will enable users to benefit from improved productivity and profitability within their industrial applications.