Control valves are a fundamental component of any pneumatic system. Selecting the right air valves to control system pressure, direction of flow and rate of flow is crucial when designing fluid power circuitry. If the pneumatic valve is too big for your application, you will be wasting air and money.  If it’s too small, the actuator will not function properly.

Pneumatic controls can be found throughout the transportation industry in a variety of applications involving automobiles, trucks, buses, motorcycles, trailers and ATVs.

From our standard 4-way control valves to customized air bag suspension valves, Pneumadyne’s pneumatic components can be found in applications such as:

Motorcycle & ATV Air Ride Suspension Systems
Door Opening Systems on Buses
Garbage Truck Lift Mechanisms
Transmission Shift Control Systems
Truck & Car Seat Lumbar Supports
RV Leveling Systems

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