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6707 Heavy Duty Filter/Regulator & Lubricator

Eliminate dust and coagulation from compressed air.
Series standard and mini.
Drain: manual as a standard, semi autiomatic as an option.
Filter element: 5 micron as a standard, 40 micron as an option.
High quality bowl designed for long service life.

Allow easy adjustment of air pressure.
Series standard and mini.
0,1% accuracy of pressure control.
Can be installed in any position.
Technology: piston type regulation.

Fog style lubrication to extend life of equipment.
Series standard and mini.
Refilling of oil without stopping the air line.
Easy adjustment of oil delivery volume.

Technical Specification
Filter bowl capacity (cc) 210 cc
Filter Micron 5 μm
All pricing is inclusive of GST
Product Name Maximum Flow Rate Drain Option Port Size Price Quantity
Product Name Maximum Flow Rate Drain Option Port Size
6707 03 27 7940 l/min Semi-Automatic 3/4 bsp
6707 03 34 8200 l/min Semi-Automatic 1 bsp