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Air Preparation

  • To ensure that your pneumatic tools and pneumatic systems are maintained and in optimum running order, filters, lubricators and regulators are essential tools of the trade. Pneumatic Solutions Australia offers a diverse range of brands that will prepare compressed air for drying, filtration, pressure and flow control and safety.

Air Service Units

We offer an extensive range of filters, regulators and lubricators, including individual units and combinations.

Air Exhaust Mufflers

Allied Witan Atomuffler® and Bantam® mufflers have been setting industry standards in sound control applications all over the world. Both are specified in a wide range of industrial applications where efficiency, dependability and performance are critical. In addition to having superior sound silencing properties, they are also valuable air diffusers that are unsurpassed in the muffler field. Air diffusion positively prevents troublesome air flow and dangerous after-blasts.

Air Dryers

The Pneutech Compressed Air Dryer reduces the quantity of liquid water or water vapor in compressed air to reinstate productivity and to reduce the operating costs associated with continual water damage and maintenance.

Piston Compressors

PneuTech Piston compressors are the perfect machine for small manufacturing facilities, body shops, and other light industrial applications. PneuTech offers multiple models to fit your specific applications!

Air Receivers

Most compressed air systems require an air receiver for the storage of the compressed air to allow for a modulated air flow, while reducing the cycling workload on the compressor motor. Air receivers can be used to better utilise the compressed air capacity available. Pneutech compressed air receivers are designed and manufactured to meet Australian standards and come powder coated and ready to be installed.